Trax Adventure Pannier Sets

Trax Adventure Pannier Sets

The TRAX Adventure Pannier Sets contain everything needed to mount two aluminum side cases to the motorcycle. The best size of pannier is selected based on the motorcycle model and the bike specific Quick Lock Evo carriers fit perfectly, as well as easy mounting and convenient handling. Included are 2 x Trax Adventure aluminum panniers, 2 x Quick Lock Evo side carriers, Alu Box fittings and adapters, the lock cylinders and an anti-theft locking set.

These sleek, strong, premium aluminium touring cases are suited for all riding styles and offer high durability and protection from water and dust as well as ease of use. The Trax Adventure Panniers features include strong carrying handles, a completely removable lid, glass reinforced plastic corner caps and a large chamfer on the lower edge to optimize lean angle and ground clearance for cornering and are designed and manufactured in Germany.

Trax Adventure Panniers are available in two sizes and two colours. Silver cases are anodized, amd the black cases have a powder coated finish that provides excellent protection from oxidation and abrasion.

Please note these are not a UK stock item and usually take 2-3 weeks to arrive from SW-Motech in Germany. Depending on model they will be supplied with either Evo or Pro Side Carriers.

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