GearLok With Cable - Lock it, don't lose it! 

If you're a regular rider, you've probably experienced this familiar situation. It's summer, you’re out on a ride and it’s sweltering hot. You stop for coffe, lunch or to simply to get of the bike and do a bit of sightseeing. But, what do you do with your heavy bike jacket and helmet? Like us, you've probably had occasions where you've placed your trust in luck and simply draped them over the bike while you go for a coffee, or sweated even more walking around with your kit.


Well now there's a simple easy to use option. The GearLok Lock with Cable utilises a 150cm long braided galvanized steel plastic coated cable to lock your helmet, jacket, rucksack or pretty much any other accessory to your bike.

To use, you simply pass the loop end of the cable through a convenient part of your bike like the frame, handlebar or grab rail. Thread the other end through the loop and then through the item you're securing. Next, insert the end of the cable into the lock slot and slide the lock up or down the cable to adjust the length.  Press the Snap Button till you hear a Click and scramble the four digit combination lock and it's done.


When you return, set the code, unlock your gear and slip the GearLock Cable back into it's carry bag ready for next time.



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GearLok With Cable

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