Heated Grips and Clothing

Heated Grips and Clothing
Extend your riding season with heated grips and clothing.
If you've never experienced heated grips or heated clothing, you really don't know what you're missing! You've bought your bike, paid a lot for it and got all the right kit, but why no heated stuff? More affordable than ever, the latest generation of heated vests, grips and other items are easy to use, are easy to install, unobtrusive, work well and take very little current. Even a modern 125cc scooter will deliver enough power to run heated grips and a heated vest, so what's stopping you.
Is it that you don't ride in winter? Fair enough, but what of those glorious spring and autumn days at each end of the season, and those cool summer evenings? You see, heated kit isn't just for winter, we use ours all year round. Riding in thinner gloves gives better feel and control than thick winter gloves and heated grips means you rarely need thick, heavy winter gloves. Cooling off at the end of a summer evening ride? Heated grips and a heated back pad slipped into the back protector pocket of your riding jacket mean you can stay out that extra hour in comfort. The latest heated vest look good and slip easily even under a close fitting summer jacket, to give an extra layer of adjustable warmth. Great when you're starting early or finishing late.
Heated vests can be wired very simply, and direct to the battery. Two simple connections, that's all that stopping you from riding in warmth. There's no current draw when the vest is disconnected, so it won't flatten your battery. Heated grips are a little more involved to fit, but we've sold thousands of sets to riders who have installed them successfully, with a professional, factory fit look.
So, what's stopping you? Check out our graet range of heated products from Heat Demon / Symetc and Keis below -
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